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Telling Signs That Your Home’s Exterior Needs a Fresh Coat of Paint

There are many factors that affect the longevity of the paint on your home’s exterior. The type of paint, brand of paint, number of coatings, and the color of the paint can determine how long the paint can last. It is also important to note when your home was painted. This is because it can impact the way the paint dries.

This should give you the idea that there is no general rule of thumb when your house need some fresh coat of paint. With the following signs, calling on Wilko Painters Brisbane to do the job can be the best option. Aside from their reputation because of their topnotch workmanship, you can also take advantage of their competitive prices.

Bubbling and Peeling Paint

You should always remember that the exterior paint in our homes is not only for aesthetic purposes. It is also meant to protect your home from decay. This means that even if the cracks, bubbling, and peeling are in some not-so-visible areas of your exterior, you should take it as an emergency for repainting. If you ignore it for some time, peeling will be more extensive. This will leave your home susceptible to damage which can be caused by moisture from snow and rain, molds and mildew, and decay.

Stains and Molds

Stains and molds that cannot be removed through power washing and scrubbing of your walls using detergents can mean that damage has gone deeper from the surface. This means that the walls can be affected in due time. Molds can cause architectural problems if ignored. So, at the first sight of hardcore stains, repainting can be the only way to go.

Faded Shade

When the color of the paint has faded, your home may look old and untidy. But it goes beyond the physical appearance. Faded paint can mean that its efficiency in giving protection to your home has also waned. It may also be a sign that paint will soon start to peel off. Give your home a new coat and it will look beautiful again. Moreover, you are also protecting your home.

Rotting Stucco

Stuccos are meant to beautify your home. But when they are beginning to rot, having them may be counterproductive. The best way to regain their purpose is to repaint them or the damage will spread to nearby structures.

Indeed, applying a fresh coat of paint to your home’s exterior is not only to increase the aesthetic and market value of your home. You are also assured that you and your property are protected.

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Reasons to Have Tiles for Your Backsplash

Gone are the days when tiles are usually used as flooring in kitchens and bathrooms. Now they can be found anywhere else in any part of the house used in many ways. Do you know that tiles are made as headboards of beds in some houses in tropical countries? They look good and of course feel cool.

Because tiles, nowadays come in various beautiful patterns, colors, and textures, many architectural structures use them as decorative linings on walls whether in the living room, corridors, bedrooms, or external walls. But in the kitchen, installing backsplash tiles is the way to go as it can give an enormous lift to the aesthetics of your whole kitchen.

But aesthetics is not the only reason tiles should be used on you backsplash. Here’s why you should start looking for the most elegant tiles for your backsplash.

Ease of Cleaning

The backsplash can be one of the easiest parts of the kitchen to get dirty or stained. Being near stoves and the sink, it is usually the catch basin of grease from frying and anything that splatters out when cooking or washing. If your backsplash is made from tiles, you can just wipe it with soap and water and it will be clean and shiny once again. Because a splash can be wet almost all the time, it is not impossible that pesky molds can stick if other materials are used. A stained backsplash? That must be one thing that you don’t like to happen.


Tiles can last a lifetime or may be forever. Even if your backsplash can be subjected to heat from your stove, or water from the faucet, a backsplash made of tiles will not decay. The only thing that you should ensure is that the tiles should be well-installed.


With beautifully designed tiles for your backsplash, your kitchen will surely look brighter and more expensive. Choose the right color and it will even enhance the look of your kitchen. At night, when the lightings are turned on, your backsplash will surely sparkle.


Tiles can be more expensive than other materials. But because they are durable, you may not change your backsplash while you are living. That may not be true with other materials. Tiles are also easy to clean. You may only need to wipe your backsplash with water and soap,

Indeed, a beautiful backsplash made form tiles can transform your kitchen immensely.

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Considerations When Hiring a Home Renovation Contractor

Home renovation can be pretty costly depending on the house conditions and the level of upgrade you want. Hiring a reputable contractor to handle the job can save you unnecessary costs and also get the best upgrade out of the available resources you have reserved for the whole exercise. You can choose to renovate the place you have been living in for years to get a new touch, or you can renovate a newly bought house to give it a personal style. There are many befits of renovating a house. Below are some of the considerations before hiring a contractor to do the renovations. 

Make Plans and Get Bids

plan and get bidsRenovating your home can be a costly affair and getting the expected value for your money is a satisfying experience. Firstly, you need to make a plan of how you want to renovate the facility and the budget estimation depending on the available resources. If you do not have any referrals or contractors you have already worked with before, you can ask for bids from contractors online or physically within the locality.

Evaluating bids from different contractors is a great way of narrowing down your choices based on the prices and services offered. A conscientious contractor will want to know what you want to achieve, the complete blueprints of the project, and then a clear breakdown of all the expenses will be drafted for you to evaluate.

Consider Proper Paperwork

consider proper paperworkA well-established contractor will have properly organized and legitimate paperwork from the word go. You can observe this element from the first time you receive the bids and quotes. The contract engagement stipulates the terms of engagement and it should be drafted properly and payment methods directed to official accounts.

Putting all details in writing prevents misunderstanding throughout the project because every party has a point of reference. Take your time when drafting the engagement letter to include every aspect of the home renovation project.

Seek Referrals

Recommendations from satisfied customers can be a sigh of relief when working with a new contractor. Contractors have also established websites where you can evaluate their work and services and if interested in their job, you can request them to work for you. Reading client feedback can tell you whether the contractor is well experienced at their job. You can also rely on close friends to find reputable contractors who will give your home a new outstanding look. The professionalism and transparency in carrying out their business is key to sustaining relationships throughout the contract so take note of it before engaging them.