Signs That Show Your HVAC Needs Repairs

The HVAC system in your home does an excellent job of keeping the house comfortable irrespective of the weather condition. For maximum efficiency, you should keep it in good working condition at all times. Scheduling regular maintenance, which should be done only by professionals, is an excellent way to keep it working efficiently. The other reason why you should hire the services of repair experts, other than to carry out scheduled maintenance, is when you notice the signs highlighted below.

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The HVAC Is Not Cooling

If your HVAC system is not cooling your home, even when the settings are tuned to maximum cooling, the system needs repair service. There are chances that you might not even notice the problem until the cold winter season ends. A professional technician has to review the system to determine the real cause of the problem, but in most cases, a failed compressor is usually the cause.

Strange Noises Coming From the Air Conditioner

Another sigh to indicate the system needs repair is strange noises coming from the AC. The noises can sound something similar to squealing or grinding. Some of the reasons that can cause strange noises are the belt slipping from its original position, broken motor bearings, and lack of proper lubrication. Whenever you notice strange noises, make sure you turn the entire system off and get an expert to do the repairs. Keeping the AC running might escalate the problem and cost you a lot more to repair.

The System Has a Foul Smell

If you start experiencing a foul smell in your home and figure out that it is coming from the HVAC, you probably are looking at a mold or fungus problem. Mold and fungus can grow on the compressor or faulty motor and produce the stinky odor. Such a problem should be taken quite seriously as it can result in severe health issues. The HVAC repair company that you hire should treat the issue as an emergency.

You Notice Electrical Smell

Electrical appliances usually give off a very distinctive smell, especially when overheating is involvHVAC unitsed. If you notice the electrical smell coming from your HVAC system, the system probably has an issue with the electrical wiring or the motor. If left unresolved, the problem can even cause a fire at any time and result in a lot more loses. Dealing with electricity is very dangerous, so leave the repair work to the professionals.