There are a lot of materials options for windows and the most popular choice nowadays is aluminum. Aluminum windows stand out from other materials such as wooden and PVC. The popularity of aluminum these days is not only contributed by the many uses of modern architecture which use a lot of simple and clean design but also supported by the excellence of the material itself. What are those excellences exactly? Let’s take a look at the points below.

The Durability Of Aluminum Windows

Research has shown that aluminum is one of much robust metal, which means aluminum can last for a longer time compared to other materials. Aluminum also very resistant to many different conditions of the weather. Different from other material such as wooden or steel, high quality glazing windows are water and thermal resistance. Therefore aluminum window is a perfect choice for buildings in coastal areas. Even for other areas, durability is the number one quality we have to seek for windows’ material.

Cost Effectiveness

budgetWhen talking about cost, aluminum windows are included in the inexpensive option. The basic material cost of aluminum is cheaper compared to other material such as wooden. Other than that, aluminum windows are also easier to manufacture and do not need to be painted, making it a far less expensive choice besides other materials. In the long run, aluminum windows are proven to be scratch resistant and are maintenance free. Because aluminum windows are not subject to decay and are corrosion resistant then using aluminum windows will be a lot more economical in the future.

Better Building Design

windowNowadays, you can see more commercial and residential buildings are built up with modern designs.
Using aluminum for windows material means slimmer frames and more glass. This makes aluminum windows are good for modern architecture design which need a sleek window design for a more streamlined aesthetics. Aluminum windows can be made in various configurations from fixed windows, sliding windows, until double hung windows.


Because aluminum windows are very durable and last for a long time, we will almost not need to repair or refinish them in the future. They are so easy to maintain because their finish does not need to be coated with paint. Aluminum windows also very practical because they are more user-friendly. They are easier to install and easier to clean. People also say that aluminum windows are environmentally friendly because they are more energy efficient. That is possible because aluminum is a malleable and light material.